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Apply until 30th of September 2023

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Why should you take part?

Gentle, yet efficient. But also stylish, unique and full of ideas. Limited editions of Curaprox toothbrushes are simply more than just your regular oral hygiene tool.

Now we are giving you an opportunity to create your very own edition! Join the competition with fellow graphic designers. Maybe your idea will be the one being enjoyed by Curaprox users all around the world! We will choose one design that will be transformed into a real Curaprox limited triopack of CS 5460 toothbrushes.

On top of joy brought by his/her design into thousands of bathrooms, the winner will also earn prize money of 700 € and a box of the very toothbrush edition he/she designed.

Do you want to get inspired? Have a look at some of Curaprox limited editions.

Download template

Download template

Here you can download a template to work with. It’s necessary to use this template to present your design. Template consists of a plain draft of a triopack with toothbrushes and Curaprox branding. You can create your own design of handle and filaments (both in PANTONE), but also backcard (in CMYK). Only thing u can´t change is Curaprox branding.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You can only use 6 colors for filaments. Also, 5460 filaments are divided into 39 bunches. You can only pick one color for each bunch. In other words, when creating your design for filaments, you can work with that area like there are 39 spots that can have different colors each.

Upload your design

Upload your design

Here you can upload a template with your design already fully incorporated.
Upload your design as PDF.

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